The benefits of using Ugo 4 Weeks

Ugo 4 weeks

Ugo 4 Weeks is one of our newest products at Optimum Medical. Ugo 4 Weeks provides a 4-week supply of catheter drainage and fixation devices – all contained in a compact, discreet storage box.

What are the benefits of using Ugo 4 Weeks?

  • Reduces the risk of running out of stock – the 4-week supply makes it easy to know when to place the following order
  • Reduces waste – having control over stock levels reduces the risk of over-ordering products
  • Easy to order – with only one product code to remember per box, placing the following order is quick and simple
  • Compact, discreet outer box – making it ideal for storage in the bedroom or bathroom
  • Add on fixation – select any additional Ugo Urology catheter fixation devices you require in your preferred size and use these alongside the contents of your Ugo 4 Weeks box. This includes the Ugo Fix Catheter Strap and Ugo Fix Sleeve (leg bag holder)

Free samples

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Receive Ugo 4 Weeks through Optimum Delivered

Ugo 4 Weeks is available through our home delivery service – Optimum Delivered. Optimum Delivered delivers essential urology supplies directly to peoples’ homes across the country. Find out more by visiting

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