Ugo Fix Sleeve

Durable, comfortable and extra supportive. The Ugo Fix Sleeve provides secure and reliable catheter bag fixation with no unnecessary tube holes to prevent disconnection of the link drainage system, reducing infection risk.

You can use the Ugo Fix Sleeve to support leg bags attached to urethral catheters, suprapubic catheters and urinary sheath systems. Its distinctive features include:

  • Washable, knitted fibre blends for strength and durability
  • Contours to leg shape, ensuring even distribution of urine and reduced noise
  • Graduated lines of concentrated elastane – for support and controlled expansion when bag is filling
  • External seam prevents skin damage and provides comfort
  • Strengthened outlet hole, maintaining continuous support Increased width and strength to top and bottom bands, for support and fixation
  • No unnecessary tube holes in the top seam so disconnection of the link drainage system is prevented
  • Colour coded top seam, assisting with correct fitting and re-ordering
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit any patient
  • Ideally complemented by the Ugo Fix Catheter Strap and Ugo Fix Gentle

Each Ugo Fix Sleeve comes with a laundry bag for the patient to use when washing, and a tape measure is available for nurses to ensure the size is exactly right. We don’t charge any extra for these – we just want to make patients’ experience with our products as easy as possible.


Ordering information

  • Pr NameUgo Fix Sleeve - smallUgo Fix Sleeve - mediumUgo Fix Sleeve - largeUgo Fix Sleeve - extra largeUgo Fix Sleeve - XXL
    Size24cm-39cm36cm-55cm40cm-70cm65cm-90cm75 -105cm
    Pr Code3005300630073008 3027
    PIP Code394-0178394-0160394-0152394-0145409-6699
    Inner PackBox of 4Box of 4Box of 4Box of 4Box of 4
    Outer PackBox of 80Box of 80Box of 80Box of 80Box of 80

Want to know more?

Download Instructions for Use

Full instructions for use are included with all our products. You can download and view the Ugo Fix Sleeve IFU by clicking the button below. 

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Last revision date April 2023.

Contact us to request a copy of the IFU.

What people have to say about Ugo Fix Sleeve (leg bag holder)

  • The Ugo Fix Sleeve leg bag holder is amazing. My partner used the Ugo Fix Sleeve this weekend on his upper leg. This gave him enough confidence to wear shorts – something he usually does all summer but was feeling he might not be able to do with a catheter and a leg bag. The Ugo Fix Sleeve has made this option available to him. We were out for the day and nobody noticed. This gave him the greatest confidence boost! It may seem like a simple thing, but to him it’s freedom.

    Martin OtterDevon, UK
  • The Ugo Fix Sleeve is the best I have come across! Other similar products I have used in the past are much more flimsy in comparison. The Ugo Fix Sleeve is very comfortable to wear, very supportive and holds the bag in place discreetly. It is even provided with it’s very own laundry bag which ensures I can work a system where I wash one, while wearing one. Great product!

    Kevin TaylorGlasgow, UK
  • The Ugo Fix Catheter Strap and Ugo Fix Sleeve are far superior to anything my husband has previously used to secure his catheter and leg bag. I will certainly be speaking to our GP to request some more!

    Ann TemplemanEdinburgh, UK
  • My husband used the Ugo Fix Sleeve to support the weight of his leg bag in conjunction with the Ugo Fix Catheter Strap to further secure the leg bag tubing. This made his experience wearing a catheter much more comfortable and he didn’t experience pulling from the weight of the bag and was able to move around freely. Highly recommended!

    Pam HughesManchester, UK
  • When I had my catheter fitted I started using Ugo Fix Sleeves to support my leg bag. I found the sleeve very supportive and secure – it’s made me feel far more comfortable wearing a catheter than just using leg bag straps.

    Bob FarnworthLancashire, UK