Hunter Cath

Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC) catheter.

Our Hunter Cath is a non-coated, DEHP-free ISC catheter with a smooth flexible tip.

The soft tip is designed to ease insertion, making the Hunter Cath suitable for a wide range of ISC catheter users, including those with a Continence Urinary Diversion (Mitrofanoff), males with an enlarged prostate or ISC catheter users who experience difficulty or discomfort when inserting a standard Nelaton tip ISC catheter.

  • Non-coated.
  • DEHP free.
  • Can be lubricated using a water-based lubricant if required.
  • 360-degree flexible tapered tip to aid insertion.
  • Coloured funnel for easy size recognition and reordering.
  • Coloured tip to aid insertion.
  • Two smooth, rounded drainage holes for effective urine drainage.
  • Four smooth, rounded drainage holes on SCM14 for superior drainage.
  • Particularly favoured by those with reconstructive/Mitrofanoff surgery.

Hunter Urology

Hunter Urology are a UK based specialist in self catheterisation and continence care.

In 2022 Hunter Urology joined the Optimum Medical Group, and together we are striving to deliver the best possible products and services for people living with continence conditions and those caring for them.

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