OptiLube Syringes

To give clinicians more choice for catheterisation, we also offer our OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly in 6ml and 11ml syringes. Individually wrapped for minimum handling, these sterile syringes help achieve an aseptic ‘gold standard’ procedure.

Designing OptiLube catheterisation jelly for this specialist clinical use, we’ve combined our expertise in lubrication and urology products, supporting our Ugo Urology range of catheter accessories.

The gel is water soluble, and has no additional active ingredients – so it’s ideal for patients with allergies. And because we’ve designed our product and packaging in collaboration with clinicians, OptiLube catheterisation jelly offers even more reassurance:

  • The smooth tip of the syringe makes insertion easier and more comfortable with reduced risk of suction or damage to tissue.
  • The gel is the ideal viscosity and consistency for catheterisation procedures.
  • The syringe is easy to prime for precise, controlled use.
  • It’s latex-free and hypoallergenic.
  • Single-use format complies with national guidelines.
  • Manufacturing and expiry dates, and LOT numbers, are printed on each individual syringe tear-off strip, and are easy to retain for accurate recording.

The syringe is a familiar format that’s easy to use with one hand, leaving the other hand free to ensure the lubricant is administered accurately. It also enables smooth, controlled insertion, helping keep patients as comfortable as possible.

OptiLube Syringes

Ordering information

  • We’ve designed these 6ml and 11ml pre-filled syringes for procedures where precise application is vital. Sterile and individually wrapped, they ensure the minimum handling needed for an aseptic ‘gold standard’ procedure.

    Pr NameOptiLube 6ml syringeOptiLube 11ml syringe
    Pr Code11251126
    PIP Code373-4357373-4365
    NPC CodeFST 650FST 882
    Inner PackBox of 25Box of 25
    Outer PackCase of 250Case of 250

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What people have to say about OptiLube Syringes

  • My husband has a urethral stricture which was the result of an operation he had as a child. He self catheterises once a week usually as this keeps the stricture open. He previously didn’t use lubricant but found it difficult doing the procedure and kept getting water infections following. Since using OptiLube pre-filled syringes he finds it much easier and hasn’t had one water infection since.

    Jacqueline JacksonRotherham, UK
  • Choosing the OptiLube range has been a great decision for my practice and patients. The gel is high quality and consistently performs extremely well on all of the many procedures it is required for.

    Dr Donna KerschnerYork, UK