Ugo 4 Weeks

Discreet and compact, the Ugo 4 Weeks is a 4-week urinary drainage and management system.
It’s available in four variations, depending on the patient’s choice of fabric backed leg bag.
It contains:

  • 4 x fabric backed Ugo Leg Bags (1C/2C/3C/4C)*
  • 28 x Ugo 10 2L Bags with single use T tap
  • Ugo Hanger
  • 4 x pairs of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps
  • 4 x Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clips)
  • Patient and carer user guides

*Please visit the Ugo Leg Bag product page to find out more.

One Box

With protective and lightweight packaging, the Ugo 4 Weeks is easy to store with a range of products provided in one box.
So it reduces stockpiling in patient homes and waste.

One Code

The Ugo 4 Weeks ensures an organised supply with just one code per box, making re-ordering simple.

One Prescription

It’s easy and efficient to prescribe, saving time for everyone involved.
Each product contained inside the Ugo 4 Weeks can also be prescribed separately as individual items if necessary.

Found under ‘Night Drainage Bags’ on Part IXB – Incontinence Appliances in the Drug Tariff.

One Month

Helping clinicians and patients to manage their care, the Ugo 4 Weeks effectively prevents product shortages and improves efficiency. It also improves clarity on products required and managing a link drainage system effectively.


Ugo 4 Weeks urinary drainage system

Ordering information

Found under ‘Night Drainage Bags’ on Part IXB – Incontinence Appliances in the Drug Tariff

  • CodePIP CodeProduct Name Leg Bag Description
    3014 403-8824Ugo 4 Weeks 1C 500ml, Short Tube, Lever Tap
    3015 403-8840Ugo 4 Weeks 2C 500ml, Long Tube, Lever Tap
    3016 403-8865Ugo 4 Weeks 3C 500ml, Short Tube, T Tap
    3017 403-8873Ugo 4 Weeks 4C 500ml, Long Tube, T Tap

Want to know more?

Download Instructions for Use

Full instructions for use are included with all our products. You can download and view the Ugo 4 Weeks IFU by clicking the button below. 

Download IFU

Last revision date April 2023.

Contact us to request a copy of the IFU.