Ugo Foley Catheter

Our Ugo Foley Catheter is a 100% silicone 2-way Foley catheter, licensed for urethral and suprapubic catheterisation. It’s suitable for use in both adult men and women for up to 90 days.

Each Ugo Foley Catheter kit comes with 1 x Ugo Foley Catheter and accompanying IFU, a 10ml OptiPure syringe for balloon inflation and a 10ml empty syringe for balloon deflation.

The Ugo Foley Catheter features a universal connection, allowing clinicians complete freedom to select whichever leg bag or valve they’ve assessed as being most appropriate for the individual. Ugo Foley Catheter features an integrated balloon and is available in a range of sizes, ranging from 12Ch to 18Ch.

Other features:

  • Suitable for individuals with confirmed latex allergy
  • Available in standard length (420mm)
  • X-ray detectable line
  • 3 catheter record stickers for documentation
  • Available on Drug Tariff Part IXA – Appliances

Manufactured by Continence Care Aps

Ordering information

  • Product CodePIP CodeWhat's included:  
    UFC12414-3558Ugo Foley Catheter Ch1210ml OptiPure 112810ml syringe 3360
    UFC14414-3541Ugo Foley Catheter Ch1410ml OptiPure 112810ml syringe 3360
    UFC16414-3533Ugo Foley Catheter Ch1610ml OptiPure 112810ml syringe 3360
    UFC18414-3525Ugo Foley Catheter Ch1810ml OptiPure 112810ml syringe 3360

Want to know more?

Download Instructions for Use

Full instructions for use are included with all our products. You can download and view the Ugo Foley Catheter IFU by clicking the button below. To view the IFU in a different language, select from the country list and you will be scrolled to the appropriate translation

Download IFU

Last revision date April 2020. Contact us to request a copy of the IFU.