A pre-filled syringe with purified water, OptiPure is designed to be used for the inflation of Foley indwelling catheters only.

OptiPure is available in two single-use formats, one with the added benefit of 10% glycerine solution which has been found to reduce water loss from a silicone Foley catheter balloon. Both variations of OptiPure are provided sterile and ready to use, each individual syringe is packaging in a blister pack, which is easy to open, and contains all essential information.

The benefits of using OptiPure pre-filled sterile water syringes:

  • Medical Device Class I.
  • Available in two variations. With purified water or purified water with 10% glycerine solution.
  • Measuring facility on the side of syringe for reference only.
  • Familiar syringe format.
  • Latex-free.

Ordering information

  • Pr NameOptiPure - 10ml sterile water pre-filled syringeOptiPure - 10ml sterile water pre-filled syringe with 10% Glycerine
    Pr Code11281131
    Outer PackCase of 200Case of 200

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What people have to say about OptiPure

  • Since using the OptiPure pre-filled syringes with 10% Glycerine, I have had my suprapubic catheter changed three times. Any evaporation could cause my catheter to come out, so my District Nurse was very impressed with the minimal evaporation from my catheter balloon after using OptiPure on every occasion. This is also very reassuring for me.

    Christine PLondon, UK