Our in-house clinicians focus on product improvement and new product development. And we test all our ideas with our network of clinical contacts, based all over the UK. We value their feedback, and always use it to fine-tune and perfect our products. We don’t just work on the products themselves. Our in-house graphic designers have an ongoing brief to keep improving our brochures and packaging – we want to make sure they are genuinely useful to patients and clinicians, helping you get the most from our products.

Even the smallest details are important. And your views and experiences really count, as this case study shows…

OptiLube Reach – making precise application easier
Our sterile lubricating jelly, OptiLube, is used for a wide range of clinical procedures. For some of these, the product must be applied very accurately – and when a German customer asked us to consider the extreme precision required in his particular practice, we set our product development team to work. The result is OptiLube Reach: lubricating jelly in a tube with a long, narrow nozzle for controlled, precise application. Thinking about every stage of using the product, we also gave it a snap and twist cap, making it easy to open. It’s a great example of how one customer comment can lead to lasting improvements.