Multi Fix Gentle

Our Multi Fix Gentle is a non-sterile, medical device, designed to secure indwelling urinary catheters and medical tubes up to 10mm in diameter.

The Multi Fix Gentle is intended to secure the catheter or medical tubing, providing comfort for the user and reducing the risk of trauma as a result of inadvertent movement of the catheter or medical tubing.

The Multi Fix Gentle features a tubing securement tab which is designed to hold the catheter or tubing in place, without causing damage to the tubing.

The tubing securement tab is mounted on a re-adhesive silicone gel strip, which is applied directly to the skin without the need for any skin preparation.

The Multi Fix Gentle is available in two sizes, small (110mm x 25mm) and large (140mm x 40mm). The two size options both accommodate urinary catheters and medical tubing up to 10mm in diameter, allowing you to secure your tubing in the most comfortable position for you.


The benefits of our silicone re-adhesive gel strip:

  • Provides immediate, gentle adhesion to the skin.
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • No skin preparation required before application.
  • No need for solutions to dissolve the adhesive when removed.
  • Leaves no sticky residue.
  • Showerproof, breathable and translucent.
  • Suitable for up to 7 days continuous use.

The benefits of our tubing securement tab:

  • Holds tubing away from skin to reduce discomfort.
  • Allows easy removal and reposition of the tubing.
  • Leaves no residue on tubing.
  • Can accommodate catheters and medical tubing up to 10mm.

The Importance of catheter and leg bag fixation

It’s important that the weight of your urinary leg bag is always supported to prevent injury from movement of the indwelling catheter. We offer a range of catheter and leg bag fixation devices which can be worn independently or in addition to the Multi Fix Gentle to offer additional support.

The Multi Fix Gentle, when used to secure a urinary catheter, is complimented by the Ugo Fix Sleeve, Ugo Fix Catheter Strap and/or the Ugo Fix Bag Belt. For more information or to request a sample of any products in our fixation range, email

What urine drainage options are available to you?

The Multi Fix Gentle can be worn to secure an indwelling catheter attached to a urinary leg bag or catheter valve.
We offer a wide range of leg bags as part of our Ugo Urine Drainage range. For more information on our leg bags or to find out more about our Ugo Catheter Valve, email

Multi Fix Gentle

Ordering information

  • Pr code30303031
    DescriptionMulti Fix Gentle (large)Multi Fix Gentle (small)
    PIP Code405-9200405-9192
    Inner boxBox of 10Box of 10
    Outer caseCase of 200Case of 200

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Download Instructions for Use

Full instructions for use are included with all our products. You can download and view the Multi Fix Gentle IFU by clicking the button below. 

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Last revision date June 2023.

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