Multi Fix Gentle

Secure, reliable and gentle. The Multi Fix Gentle is a universal securement device for medical tubings and urinary catheters. It has been developed to provide comfortable fixation, giving the patient the confidence to move around freely.

Multi Fix Gentle is available in 2 sizes to suit a range of applications, and each one can be used for up to 7 days.

The comfort and effectiveness of soft silicone technology

  • Easy to apply, remove and reposition
  • No skin preparation required before application, and no need for solutions to dissolve the adhesive when removed
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Effectively adheres to all skin types through multiple points of contact
  • Re-adhesive – can be removed and repositioned
  • Ideal for repeated application over the same skin area
  • Reduced risk of allergic reactions due to silicone technology
  • Showerproof, breathable and translucent

Effective tube fixation

  • Able to remove and reposition tubing
  • Leaves no residue on tubings
  • Can accommodate range of tubing diameters

Full instructions for use are included with all our products. You can download and view the MultiFix Gentle IFU by clicking the button above. Last revision date: October 2018.

Multi Fix Gentle

Ordering information

  • Pr code30303031
    DescriptionMulti Fix Gentle (large)Multi Fix Gentle (small)
    Inner boxBox of 10Box of 10
    Outer caseCase of 200Case of 200

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