Vue Ultrasound Gel

Vue Ultrasound Gel is a non-sterile, single use, non-invasive medical device used in medical diagnostic ultrasound procedures.

Vue Ultrasound Gel has been specifically formulated for use during ultrasound procedures. The primary role of an ultrasound gel is to act as a conductor for the ultrasound waves, allowing them to pass into the body without being affected by the air. The secondary role of ultrasound gel during ultrasound procedures, is to allow the probe or medical device used for the procedure, to move smoothly, reducing resistance and potential discomfort to the patient.

When selecting an ultrasound gel, it’s important to select the right format of gel for the procedure and the patient.

Sterile ultrasound gel

We offer Vue Ultrasound Gel in 20ml sachets, single-wrapped and double-wrapped.

Our single-use, sterile ultrasound gel formats are ideal for use in any healthcare setting where infection prevention and cross-contamination are key considerations. Vue Ultrasound Gel double-wrapped sachets are recommended for use during procedures that require a sterile technique.

Vue Ultrasound Gel should be used for external examinations only. However, the benefit of using a single-use, sterile format of ultrasound gel, ensures it is suitable for all external ultrasound examinations, on intact skin.

Sterile, single-use sachets of Vue Ultrasound Gel have a shelf-life of five years.

Non-sterile ultrasound gel

We offer non-sterile Vue Ultrasound Gel in bottles of 250ml and 1l. These larger volume options of ultrasound gel are ideal for use in a busy healthcare setting. Non-sterile ultrasound gel is suitable for use during low risk, general examinations on intact skin, and not immediately prior (within 24 hours) to an invasive procedure on the same area.

Non-sterile ultrasound gel should be used for external examinations only and is not suitable for use on immunocompromised, neonatal, or critically ill hospitalised patients.

Non-sterile bottles of Vue Ultrasound Gel have a shelf-life of three years if unopened or one week from opening.

For more information on the formats of Vue Ultrasound Gel we offer and how to select the right format for your patients, give us a call on +44 (0) 845 643 5479 or email

Why choose Vue Ultrasound Gel?


  • Classified as a Medical Device.
  • Developed specifically for use during ultrasound procedures to have the ideal viscosity.
  • Suitable for external ultrasound procedures on intact skin.
  • Sterile sachets are suitable for use on immunocompromised individuals.
  • Sterile sachets are suitable for use on intact skin prior to invasive procedures.
  • Water-soluble and non-sticky formulation.
  • Won’t stain clothing or medical equipment.
  • Latex free.
  • Available in sterile and non-sterile formats.
  • Available in a range of sizes and formats.
  • Available clear or blue.


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Ordering information

Vue Ultrasound Gel is available in a range of sterile and non-sterile formats and sizes. 

  • Sterile, individually wrapped single-use sachets are ideal for use in any healthcare setting where infection prevention and cross-contamination are key considerations. 

    Pr NameVue Ultrasound Gel 20ml sachetVue Ultrasound Gel
    20ml double-wrapped sachet
    Pr Code1156S1156
    NPC CodeN/AFTM 338
    Inner PackBox of 30Box of 30
    Outer PackCase of 240Case of 240
  • Our 250ml and 1l non-sterile bottles are ideal for use in a busy healthcare setting where a high volume of low-risk external examinations are carried out.

    Pr NameVue Ultrasound Gel 250ml non-sterile bottleVue Ultrasound Gel 250ml non-sterile bottle (BLUE gel)Vue Ultrasound Gel 1l non-sterile bottleVue Ultrasound Gel 1l non-sterile bottle (BLUE gel)
    Size250ml250ml1 litre1 litre
    Pr Code11571157B11591159B
    NPC CodeFTM 302N/AN/AN/A
    Inner PackN/AN/AN/AN/A
    Outer PackCase of 40Case of 40Case of 12Case of 12

Want to know more?

Download Instructions for Use

Full instructions for use are included with all our products. You can download and view the Vue Ultrasound Gel IFUs by clicking the buttons below. 

Download IFU for our 250ml and 1l non-sterile bottles

Download IFU for our 5l cannister with refillable bottle

Last revision date March 2022.

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