Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and a catheter

Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most common types of dementia, is characterised by memory loss and difficulties with mental activities such as thinking, problem-solving, and language. It’s a complex condition, where the severity of the symptoms can vary from one day to another, progressing over time, making even simple tasks challenging.

AlzheimersCaring for a person with Alzheimer’s

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s, who also has an indwelling urinary catheter can be very challenging. Alzheimer’s can cause sudden and unexplained changes in behaviour, causing the sufferer to experience confusion and become agitated. They may even attempt to pull out the catheter, causing injury to themselves or resulting in infection. Read more in this useful resource from Alzheimer’s Society.

Dementia-friendly future

Every 3 seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. Every year, 9.9 million new cases are discovered. By 2050, experts expect 131.5 million people across the globe to be affected by this condition. Caring for them is not only a thing for the present, it’s something for our future. There are ongoing campaigns all around the world trying to increase awareness of the condition and symptoms and creating a more dementia-friendly world. World Alzheimer’s Day is Friday 21st September 2018, learn more about what you can do to support the campaign HERE