Travelling with a catheter? We’ve got you covered

Travelling with a catheter? We’ve got you covered

The summer holidays are here! What’ll it be, a staycay in the UK or jetting off abroad? In this article we’ll share some tips to consider before travelling anywhere with a catheter this Summer.

First thing’s first, are you comfortable and confident with all the products you’re going to be taking away with you? If not, get to know! It’s important that you feel confident you know the role of each product, how it works and how to change it if needed whilst you’re away. Before you travel, spend some time getting to grips with all the products you’ll be travelling with so if any complications should arise you’ll know what to do. Some manufacturers provide user guides on how to use their products which are handy to keep as a reference.

Preparation is key! Ensure you have enough product to last whilst you’re away plus a few spares just in case. It might be useful to prepare a checklist a week or two before you go away which you can add to every time you use a new product within that timeframe. This will help you to calculate how much product you need to take with you and make sure you don’t forget anything. Remember to include antibacterial wipes and hand sanitisers if you’ll be changing your catheter products whilst out and about!

It’s also important to consider how the temperature may affect your products. For example, if you’re a sheath user, you may have to change it more frequently if you’re producing more sweat as the sticky layer of the sheath may break down quicker. However, this is easily resolved if you remember to pack a few spares!

We all love to indulge on holiday don’t we? A cheeky dessert with dinner and a few tipples is fine in moderation but don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Drinking lots of water will not only prevent dehydration, it will also keep your urine diluted which helps to prevent urinary tract infections.

Finally, before you travel anywhere it is also worth finding out about the facilities at your destination, including the nearest hospital and pharmacy just in case. And if you’re planning on flying to your destination, we’ve already got you covered with some other important things to consider before flying in this article.

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