Reducing infection through effective catheter fixation

catheter fixation

Catheter Fixation Products

We develop all of our products at Optimum Medical with patients in mind. It’s our aim to improve patient outcomes by creating catheter fixation products that help to reduce the risk of infection. The risk of pain, trauma and infection increases when urinary catheters aren’t secured effectively. This is echoed by NICE, who say ‘Best practice suggests catheters are secured to avoid trauma’.

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) cost the NHS £99 million per annum (£1968 per episode) to treat. In addition to this, the treatment of CAUTI contributes to increased antibiotic resistance. This has been well-documented as one of the most significant threats to patients’ safety in Europe. We’ve created our Ugo Fix range to help reduce the risk of CAUTI – increasing patient comfort and safety.



Catheter Fixation – Ugo Fix 

The Ugo Fix range of products helps to achieve secure fixation of indwelling urethral and suprapubic catheters. The products in the range can be used effectively alone or they can be combined, depending on patient preference.

Pam Hughes from Manchester wrote to tell us how her husband has benefited from combining our catheter fixation devices. She says “My husband used the Ugo Fix Sleeve to support the weight of his leg bag in conjunction with the Ugo Fix Catheter Strap to further secure the leg bag tubing. This made his experience wearing a catheter much more comfortable. He didn’t experience pulling from the weight of the bag and was able to move around freely.”

The Ugo Fix Catheter Strap can be used to fixate the catheter tubing or the leg bag tubing itself. By preventing tugging against the bladder neck and urethra, it helps to reduce friction which can increase the risk of infection. The Ugo Fix Sleeve leg bag holder features graduated lines of concentrated elastane. This gives support and controlled expansion when the leg bag is filling. The external seam increases patient comfort through preventing skin irritation. Each box of Ugo Fix Sleeves and Ugo Fix Catheter Straps comes with a laundry bag to assist with the daily wash and wear cycle. The laundry bag also features instructions recommending the products are washed on a 60-degree cycle.

In addition to the Ugo Fix Sleeve and Ugo Fix Catheter Strap, we offer our Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip. This product uses skin-friendly silicone technology and provides support at the bifurcation of the catheter. It enables fixation of urethral or suprapubic catheters which are attached to catheter valves or drainage bags. The Ugo Fix Gentle is atraumatic – meaning it can be used on delicate skin without the patient or carer having to worry about skin trauma.

Pauline Start from Worcestershire says “My mother-in-law (99 years old) has been using the Ugo Fix Gentle for the last 2 weeks. I removed the clip after 7 days on bath day, and was relieved to find it had left no mark on her skin. The big advantage of the Ugo Fix Gentle is that it holds the catheter tube in place, preventing any pulling or kinking of the tube, which would stop the flow of urine.”

Each product in the Ugo Urology range comes with a comprehensive patient and carer user guide, giving clear instructions on how to attach, remove, change and care for the products.

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