The universal benefits of Silicone Technology

You may have read that we offer the Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clip) and the Multi Fix Gentle with Silicone Technology, but do you know what makes Silicone Technology special?

What are the benefits of Silicone Technology?

Silicone Technology refers to the unique gentle adhesion of the Ugo Fix Gentle or Multi Fix Gentle to the skin. Soft Silicone Technology can benefit ALL patients who require catheter or tubing fixation and offers a wide range of benefits.

Silicone TechnologyEffectively adheres to ALL skin types

The gentle adhesion of the soft Silicone Technology is suitable for all skin types. The Silicone Technology offers gentle adhesion and allows repeated* application to the same skin area without the use of adhesives. Through multiple points of contact the gel pad adheres to all skin types, offering comfortable and secure fixation.

EASY to apply, remove and reposition

Soft Silicone Technology allows the Ugo Fix Gentle and the Multi Fix Gentle to be easily applied without any complex skin preparation required. If incorrectly positioned, the Ugo Fix Gentle and Multi Fix Gentle can be easily removed and repositioned to a more comfortable position after application.

Showerproof, breathable and translucent pad

The Ugo Fix Gentle and Multi Fix Gentle are breathable and can be worn in the shower (see user guide for guidance), allowing the patient to maintain a good level of hygiene while wearing these fixation devices. Both also allow close skin inspection, allowing the skin underneath to be monitored for any change in appearance.

Leaves behind NO sticky residue

For a patient who requires continuous fixation of their catheter or medical tubing, the Silicone Technology can benefit the patient by leaving behind no sticky residue when removed, making removal and reapplication comfortable and convenient.

Visit the Ugo Fix Gentle or Multi Fix Gentle product pages to find out more about the benefits associated with Silicone Technology.
*Adhesive wear time may vary depending on the patient’s level of physical activity

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