Our catheterisation jelly syringes

Catheterisation Jelly Syringes

At Optimum Medical, we offer you choice. Our new product, OptiLube Active CHG Free complements our existing range of catheterisation jelly syringes- ensuring clinicians can select the most appropriate option for their patients.

Following clinician demand, we introduced OptiLube Active CHG Free to our catheterisation jelly range and it’s ideally suited to patients with sensitivities to Chlorhexidine. This new pre-filled syringe offers the added benefit of local anaesthetic (2% Lidocaine) to reduce discomfort during catheterisation.

OptiLube Active CHG Free joins OptiLube Active and OptiLube sterile syringes to complete the range.

OptiLube Active contains a local anaesthetic (2% Lidocaine) and antiseptic (0.05% Chlorhexidine Gluconate) while OptiLube does not contain any additional active ingredients.

Individually wrapped for minimum handling, these sterile syringes help ensure the full length of the urethra is coated in lubricant and an aseptic procedure is achieved. So they make patients more comfortable during catheter insertion, and reduce the risk of infection. All of our catheterisation jelly syringes are available in 6ml and 11ml formats.

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