Supporting Patients and Carers

Living with a urinary catheter

At Optimum Medical, we provide the highest levels of support to people living with a urinary catheter and their carers. We understand that on discharge, people aren’t always fully aware of the variety of products available to help them live an independent life with an indwelling urinary catheter.

We’re on a mission to change this! We provide multiple resources to provide catheter users with this much-needed information so they can make an informed choice and pick the products that work best for them and their lifestyle.  

Here are just a few of the ways Optimum Medical provides support…

User guides

user guide

Each box of product in the Ugo Urology range includes its own patient and carer user guide. These can be used as a handy point of reference between nurse visits and contain information on how to attach, remove and care for each Ugo Urology product. Our user guides and product brochures are also available for digital download on our website.

Brochures and User Guides

Animations and YouTube videos

We appreciate that some people prefer to learn in more of a visual way. This is why we’ve created our series of short animations and informative videos on YouTube. All of our videos are no longer than 2 minutes in length and provide a useful insight into the features and benefits of each product in the Ugo Urology range.

View our product videos on YouTube

Ugo Urology sample boxes

ugo sample box

We understand the importance of having access to a choice of products. This is why we send out a Ugo Urology sample box to patients and carers who request product samples on our website. We include one of each product and accompanying literature. By trying each product first, you can then decide which ones you’d like to receive on prescription.

Here’s a lovely recent testimonial we’ve received from Sandra in Lancashire after we sent her and her partner one of our Ugo Urology sample boxes…

“The Ugo Urology sample box you sent was really helpful. Like I’m sure many other people can identify with, the catheter was put in suddenly in hospital and then before we knew it, we were being sent home. The staff in the hospital were so busy they didn’t have time to give us much information or training, so we felt a bit in the dark. All of the products and the user guides in your Ugo Urology range helped us at this difficult time and really put our minds at ease. Thank you!”