How can intermittent self-catheterisation reduce your risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Unfortunately, UTI’s are one of the more common side effects of having a catheter. However, choosing intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC) can significantly reduce your chances of having a UTI. 

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What is ISC? 

ISC is a form of catheterisation, where a catheter is inserted several times a day to drain urine and then removed. Unlike indwelling catheters, an intermittent catheter never stays in a person’s body for long periods of time and is used at different intervals during the day. 

ISC allows people to lead a normal life doing things that they generally wouldn’t be able to do with other types of catheters. The potential for urological complications is far lower than with other catheterisation options. This includes things like strictures, bladder stones, urinary tract deterioration and UTIs. 

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ISC can be used to empty the bladder regularly which will help protect the kidneys and reduce the occurrence of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) 

How does ISC reduce the risk of UTIs? 

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) occur when harmful bacteria makes its way into the urinary system, primarily because the bladder hasn’t been drained fully or because some bacteria has entered your body via your catheter. 

This is a particular problem for indwelling catheters that remain in the bladder for longer periods of time, our bodies simply have not evolved to cope with foreign objects over extended periods of time, therefore UTI’s are far more likely. UTI’s are often caused by friction of the catheter against the bladder wall or the build-up of bacteria around the bladder. 

On the other hand, the temporary nature of intermittent catheters enables stress on the body to be reduced significantly. Users of intermittent catheters build up an immunity to infection and as time goes on, their chances of contracting a UTI are reduced. 

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Choosing the right ISC Catheter

At Optimum Medical, we work closely with health professionals to develop our intermittent self-catheterisation technologies for males and females that help people drain their bladder as comfortably as possible. All our ISC catheters are unique and made with the end users’ interests in mind. Hunter Urology offers a comprehensive range of ISC products designed to provide comfort, reliability, and patient-centric care.  

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