How does the Ugo Urology range help care home residents?

The benefits of our Ugo Urology range

There are many benefits to using the catheter drainage & fixation products in the Ugo Urology in the care home environment. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the ways our products can make life that little bit easier for residents living with urinary catheters.

Freedom when mobilising

Keeping elderly residents as mobile as possible is important for their health and general wellbeing. For care home residents living with catheters, moving around is easier when they feel confident that their catheter is properly secured. If they feel there’s a risk of their leg bag becoming unsupported and pulling on their catheter, this may cause hesitancy when moving or excessive worrying about the catheter.

Catheter leg bag sleeveThe Ugo Fix Sleeve (leg bag holder) features external seams for added comfort, even against delicate or sensitive skin. It’s extra soft and features a pouch which safely contains the leg bag. There’s no need to disconnect the leg bag from the catheter when using the Ugo Fix Sleeve. In fact, this should only happen when the leg bag is changed so the risk of infection can be kept to a minimum. The concentrated lines of elastane in the Ugo Fix Sleeve allow for the gradual expansion of the leg bag. It holds the fabric of the bag close to the leg, limiting obvious bulging as it fills and reducing noise on movement from the bag material and urine.

Reduced risk of CAUTI

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections can cause confusion and delirium, which can be very distressing to the resident living with a catheter, their friends, family and any caregivers. Confusion and delirium as a result of CAUTI can be harder to identify in care home residents with pre-existing dementia. It can increase the risk of having a fall, and these residents also need more intensive monitoring by members of staff. This makes it particularly challenging where staff are already stretched to capacity. It’s in the best interests of any residents living with a catheter that their risk of CAUTI is kept to a minimum. One way to achieve this is through using effective catheter fixation.

Please note: there are many aspects to good catheter care, with one of these being fixation. However, there are other aspects that also need to be taken into consideration to help reduce the risk of infection. Best practice guidance should always be adhered to.

Catheter fixation

Part of delivering good catheter care is considering catheter fixation and using the best product for each individual care home resident. Click here to browse the catheter fixation choices available in the Ugo Urology range.

The option to request a free sample is given on each product page. Simply complete our short form by clicking here and we’ll send you a sample box containing one of each product in the range, so your residents can try the products for themselves and see what works best for them.

Discreet productsCatheter valve

We’ve designed all of our products to be highly effective yet very discreet. A good example of this is our Ugo Catheter Valve. For residents assessed as suitable to use one, a valve can be used as a discreet alternative to a catheter leg bag. It features soft edges to reduce any risk of skin trauma, and the ergonomic design makes it as easy to use as possible.

Positive feedback

Here are some lovely words of feedback we received from the manager of St Clare’s Court care home.

“I’m a care home manager and I’ve been working in the care industry for the last 20 years. After meeting with our Optimum Medical account manager Gill Fairless and seeing all the products in the Ugo Urology range, I’ve been so impressed with how far these medical devices have come. I particularly like the Ugo Stand with Dignity – it really promotes person-centred care. My team and I are very excited about introducing the Ugo Urology range to our residents. It’s definitely the way forward!”

FREE product samples

To request your free Ugo Urology sample box, please click here.