OptiLube: Lubrication for gynaecology

OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly has been specifically formulated to offer effective lubrication for a wide range of clinical procedures, across a wide range of specialisms.

OptiLube is a water-soluble lubricating jelly, used to aid the smooth insertion of medical devices into the body, reducing the risk of pain, trauma and infection. Available in sachets, tubes and syringes, in a range of sizes, to ensure there is an OptiLube format to suit each procedural requirement and clinician preference. OptiLube effectively adheres to gloves and instruments, without causing damage to rubber or metal equipment.

Lubrication for gynaecology

Hayley Edwards, Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, discusses why she uses OptiLube sterile lubricating gel for a wide range of procedures in clinic, outpatients and theatre.

“Any vaginal examination or speculum examination can be quite uncomfortable for the patient, and embarrassing. So you want to minimise any level of discomfort the procedure may involve.” Hayley explains.

“The tissue down there can be very delicate, for example at the vagina entrance. So you’d want to insert the speculum as gently as possible and the lubrication helps the speculum go in without causing any microtrauma to the tissue.”

OptiLube 5g sachet


Single-use 5g sachet

Hayley uses the OptiLube 5g sachet when performing speculum and vaginal examinations and discusses why the single-use 5g sachet is her preferred format of OptiLube.

“In a hospital environment, with all the best cleaning in the world, there is potential for cross contamination and single-use sterile sachets minimise this risk to our patients.”

“In this day and age, it’s very important to use single-use sachets because they’re less likely to get contaminated or be exposed to bacteria and they’re actually quite handy to carry around.”

A sterile, water-based formulation is the preferred lubricant for many clinicians in the UK, Hayley explains, “We’ve been using water-based lubricants here in the UK for many years now as the older style, oil-based lubricants can damage polymers. For example, rubber gloves or certain other materials that we may use in procedures.”

OptiLube is available in a wide range of formats and sizes. For more information CLICK HERE