Environmentally-friendly urology products

With the development of any new product at Optimum Medical, we do whatever we can to make it as environmentally-friendly as possible. So many people living with catheters want to use products which have been developed with consideration for the environment, and these are the sorts of products healthcare professionals want to prescribe. Therefore, it makes complete sense to us that this is something we consider right from the word go when developing new products, as well as ensuring they’re highly effective and comfortable to use. A truly holistic approach.

Less plastic with Ugo Sheath

Box of urinary sheaths

Ugo Sheath is the latest product to join our Ugo Urology range. This condom catheter is used for the effective management of male urinary incontinence. We looked at the options available for sheath users and saw a lot of ways we could improve things – particularly from a sustainability point of view. Many sheaths are individually wrapped in plastic. This isn’t necessary and unlike indwelling urinary catheters, sheaths do not need to be sterile, as they’re applied externally. Therefore, we developed packaging which neatly presents a 7-day supply of sheaths, labelled for each day of the week, without the need for any extra plastic around the product.

Another way Ugo Sheath helps to reduce waste is through its 28-day supply. 4 boxes, each containing a weekly supply of sheaths, makes it extra easy to know when the next order needs to be placed. This brings us nicely on to one of our other popular products in the Ugo Urology range…

Environmentally-friendly box of catheter drainage and fixation products

Ugo 4 Weeks

Ugo 4 Weeks is a 4-week supply of catheter drainage and fixation accessories. Similarly to Ugo Sheath, this 28-day supply of product makes re-ordering convenient and helps to reduce the risk of accidentally running out of products, as well as helping to prevent over-ordering. All the products in Ugo 4 Weeks are contained within a fully-recyclable outer box. We’ve designed this to be as discreet as possible. It’s also compact, making it convenient to store in the bedroom, bathroom, in your wardrobe…wherever you prefer! If each of the contained products were purchased separately, each would come in its own separate box – a less environmentally-friendly alternative.

Each box of Ugo 4 Weeks includes the following products:

  • 4 x Ugo Leg Bags
  • 28 x Ugo 2L Drainage Bags
  • 4 x Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clips)
  • 4 x pairs of Ugo Fix Leg bag Straps
  • 1 x Ugo Hanger
  • Patient and carer user guides

How do I get these products?

Through our free home delivery service, Vyne Online:

If you don’t fancy collecting your prescribed products from your local pharmacy, why not have them delivered directly to your home instead? Our free home delivery service Vyne, can organise this for you! To find out more, call 0344 225 1519 or email register@vyne.co.uk.