Celebrating our eco-friendly Urology products

Our focus on reducing our environmental impact is a daily practice here at Optimum Medical. Our motto is ‘constantly creating better’ and so we regularly listen to feedback from our product users and the clinicians prescribing them about their concerns with the amount of plastic wastage and excessive packaging that is associated with many healthcare products on the UK market today.

Even small gestures to reduce your carbon footprint can produce a significant reduction in your environment impact. So, naturally when it comes to developing any of our new products we always keep our environmental impact at the forefront of our minds from the very start.

ugo pro and the ugo boxMinimise unnecessary waste and packaging with Ugo Pro & The Ugo Box 

Ugo Pro and The Ugo Box are the newest products to join our Ugo Urology range. The Ugo Box is a fully equipped catheterisation kit comprising of a fully recyclable outer packaging, whilst Ugo Pro contains the essential elements needed for an aseptic catheterization procedure in one handy pack.

Having everything conveniently pre-packaged in our catheterisation kits results in less time spent gathering the individual elements included, whilst also minimising the inclusion of individually wrapped, excessive plastic packaging (without compromising the sterility of the products). Evidence supports that using a catheterisation kit also assists in streamlining stock management and aims to limit product wastage.

Less plastic with Ugo Sheath

We considered the finer details when it came to designing our Ugo Sheath, which features fully recyclable packaging. Many sheaths currently available on the market are individually wrapped in plastic, which is unfortunate because this excessive packaging may not only be damaging to the environment, but it also isn’t necessary! Sheaths are not required to be individually wrapped as they are not a sterile product. So, we developed fully recyclable packaging which neatly presents a 7-day supply of our Ugo Sheath, conveniently labelled for each day of the week.

Our Ugo Sheath also comes packaged as a box of 28 which helps to reduce product wastage. This 4-week supply, each containing a weekly supply of sheaths, makes it simple to know when your next order needs to be placed.

Compact and convenient – Ugo 4 Weeks

Ugo 4 Weeks is a 4-week supply of catheter drainage and fixation accessories which has been designed for convenient re-ordering and helps to reduce the risk of accidentally running out of products, as well as preventing over-ordering. Ugo 4 Weeks is a more environmentally-friendly option compared to purchasing the products separately in their own respective boxes. In addition to this, all the products in Ugo 4 Weeks are contained within a fully-recyclable outer box which is discreet and compact for easy storage in your home.

How do I get these products?

All of the products in the Ugo Urology range are available on prescription through our free, eco-friendly home delivery service – Vyne. You can also request a free sample of any of our Ugo Urology products on the product pages on our website or via enquiries@optimummedical.co.uk.

What is Vyne Online?

You can avoid any trips to your high street pharmacy and have your prescription healthcare appliances and medication delivered for free, direct to your door instead with Vyne. (Yes, really!)

To find out more and register for Vyne Online, head to https://px.vyne.co.uk/login