Streamlining our Recycling

Compacting Baler

At Optimum Medical & Vyne our warehouse in Bradford provides a vital service in our supply chain, making sure that everyone in Vyne is getting the products they need on a daily basis, through to getting our products out to countries all around the world. With all that comes a lot of cardboard and packaging materials and unfortunately some of that will end up in the landfill.  

In 2020, paper and cardboard waste in the EU accounted for 41.2% of all waste produced during the year… 

In late 2021, we made the decision to purchase a baler to help us streamline the recycling of our cardboard and waste materials.  

A baler works by compressing loose waste and recyclable materials such as plastic, paper and cardboard in order to optimise the waste handling process. The compressed materials are then sent off to be recycled! 

Between getting the baler and our first collection, we were able to recycle 31 pallets of cardboard and plastic – all in one trip! 

Having the baler has helped us reduce the amount of waste for landfill as previously all the pallet wrap was treated as a waste product. We are now recycling far more, and as it is collected in bulk the environmental impact is reduced further still!’  

Ian Wheeler, CSR & Sustainability Officer 

At Optimum Medical & Vyne we are always looking to embrace new technologies and methods to reinvent the way we carry out our business activities. We already have several other new tools we’re looking at across our warehouse and office – big and small! 

You can read our full Environmental and Sustainability Policy here