FFP3 Face Masks

Our range of FFP3 face masks offer you, the wearer, the highest level of filtration protection against potentially harmful particles and dust, while working in high-risk environments.

Our disposable FFP3 face masks are designed to be worn for longer periods of time with less discomfort due to the cushion-fit lining.

If you are required to wear a face mask as part of health and safety controls in your workplace, you must be FIT tested and approved before wearing in practice. When working in high-risk environments, you should only ever wear a face mask that has been FIT tested and approved for you.

Single-use, disposable FFP3 face masks protect the wearer and help prevent the spread of infection, if used and disposed of correctly and in-line with local protocol.

Ideally complimented by our OptiPro Nitrile Examination Gloves and OptiPro Vinyl Examination Gloves.

Why choose our FFP3 Face Masks?

  • We offer five variations of FFP3 face masks. Four with exhalation valve and one without an exhalation valve.
  • Our disposable FFP3 face masks are compliant with European guidelines EN 149:2001 and A1:2009. 
  • Cushion-fit lining for added wearer comfort.
  • Four-point headband attachment for extra security and less risk of slipping when in use.
  • Disposable and single-use.
  • Please note, the strap contains latex.

Manufactured by Handan Hengyong Protective & Cleaning Products Co. Ltd.

Optimum Medical FFP3 face masks are available in five variations

An FFP3 face mask will only offer you the correct level of protection if it creates an adequate seal around your nose and mouth. We know that people come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer five variations of FFP3 face masks. Each one offers you the highest level of filtration protection, but the variations in shape and structure allows you to select a mask to fit you.

Our masks are comfortable, but comfort is not an indicator of fit. You must be FIT tested when wearing an FFP3 face mask as part of health and safety controls in the workplace.

Which is right for you?

Our FFP3 valved face masks:

  • Type A is a moulded-cup shape respirator, with an exhalation valve and a strong and rigid outer shell
  • Type B is a contoured mask, with moulded nose bridge and dual welded head straps
  • Type C is a horizontal folding shape, with invisible nose bridge and wide field of view
  • Type D is a classic folding and cup-shaped face mask, with lightweight design.


Our FFP3 non-valved face mask:

  • Has a moulded-cup shape respirator and a strong, rigid outer shell
FFP3 Face Masks

Ordering information

When enquiring please specify the product code of the item you are interested in.


HY9632Type AValvedMoulded cup, rigid shell.Box of 10Case of 200
HY8632Type BValvedContoured mask with moulded nose bridge.Box of 5Case of 100
HY8932Type CValvedFolding shape, invisible nose bridge.Box of 10Case of 200
HY9332Type DValvedFolded cup shaped mask.Box of 10Case of 200
HY9630Type ANon-ValvedMoulded cup, rigid shell.Box of 10Case of 200


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