Ugo Urology fixation devices create waves in South Africa

Ugo Urology fixation device was initially introduced at the South African Urological Association (SAUA) meeting back in November 2016. Following excellent feedback from patients and clinicians alike, Grobir (our South Africa distributor) and Optimum Medical knew the range had to be launched into the South African market as soon as possible.

Gideon Flanders, Managing Director at Grobir, was extremely excited and optimistic by the reception Ugo Urology received:

urinary catheters fixation“The SAUA allowed us the opportunity to speak directly with influential urologists about the range and the feedback we received was fantastic; clearly demonstrating the opportunities in the market to improve catheter patient experience with products specifically developed for improved comfort and confidence following catheterisation.”

The urologists at the show were particularly excited about the exposure to leg bag sleeves and catheter straps, which were not available in the existing market.

ugo urology catheter fixation


Two products from the range that have been a big hit are the Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clip) and the Multi Fix Gentle (universal securement device for medical tubings). Both products use unrivalled soft silicone technology to ensure minimal trauma. They are easy to reposition, leave no sticky residue and require no skin preparation beforehand. Fixing in place comfortably, they allow patients to move around with added confidence.

Find Out More About Catheter Fixation Devices

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