OptiPro Particulate Respirators

Our OptiPro Particulate Respirator is an FFP2 (N95) face mask, designed to provide effective filtration of harmful substances and reduce the user’s risk of infection.

Individually wrapped, single-use face masks, make them ideal for use in a busy environment, where regularly changing of your face mask is required. Easy and convenient to transport, our OptiPro Particulate Respirators offer you the reassurance that you are protected, when you need it.

Single-use, disposable FFP2 face masks protect the wearer and help prevent the spread of infection, if used and disposed of correctly and in-line with local protocol.

Ideally complimented by our OptiPro Face Shield, OptiPro Nitrile Examination Gloves and OptiPro Aprons.

Why choose OptiPro Particulate Respirators?

  • Our FFP2 (N95) face masks adhere to the European Standard EN 149:2001 and A1:2009.
  • Features a non-woven protective layer to effectively filter harmful substances, including PM2.5 dust and bacteria.
  • The contoured shape provides a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Individually wrapped.
  • Disposable and single-use face masks.
  • Inner box: 10 face masks.
  • Outer box: 400 face masks.

When it comes to PPE, we have you covered:

In addition to our OptiPro Particulate Respirators, we also have OptiPro ApronsOptiPro Face ShieldOptiPro Surgical Masks and OptiPro Nitrile Examination Gloves.

Our OptiPro range also includes:

OptiPro Universal Alcohol Wipes and OptiPro Hand Sanitiser, which is available in 60ml, 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottles. Both are 99.9% effective against germs.

OptiPro Particulate Respirators

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Optimum Medical are proud to be a member of the Infection Protection Society.