Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves

Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves are manufactured from high-quality synthetic rubber, meaning there is no risk to users with latex allergies.

Our Nitrile Medical Examinations Gloves are classified as a medical device and adhere to EN 455 for medical use.

Powder-Free nitrile disposable gloves will not leave messy residue on hands or equipment and are designed to protect the patient from infection and cross-contamination, during medical procedures. The powder-free design is also suitable for use over long periods of time and better suited to users with sensitive skin.

Our Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves are available in a range of sizes, ensuring a snug fit, which will not compromise user dexterity, making these an ideal choice for complex and precise applications.

Why choose our Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves?

  • Our Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves adhere to EN 455.
  • Classified and registered as a medical device.
  • Manufactured from high-quality synthetic rubber.
  • Latex-free.
  • Designed for ambidextrous use.
  • Single-use and disposable.
  • Available in S, M, L and XL.
  • Available in two thicknesses: 3.2gm and 3.4gm.

Manufactured by Eco Medi Glove Sdn, Bhd.

Why use disposable gloves?

Effective hand hygiene and the use of appropriate medical devices, such as nitrile gloves, can help reduce the spread of infection and prevent cross contamination between patients and health professionals when applied, removed and disposed of correctly and in-line with local protocol.

When to use disposable gloves?

Our Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves are medical devices, and designed to protect the patient, by reducing the spread of infection and the risk of cross contamination.

According to the Royal College of Nursing disposable gloves must be used by the healthcare professional when:

  • When anticipating contact with blood or another bodily fluid.
  • As part of transmission-based precautions (contact, airborne or droplet precautions) where local policy required this.
  • When anticipating contact with chemical hazards, e.g. disinfectants/preserving agents.
  • When handling sharps or contaminated devices (Loveday et al, 2014).
  • When undertaking an aseptic non-touch technique procedure – sterile/non-sterile gloves chosen in line with procedure and local policy.

For more guidance from the Royal College of Nursing – Essential Practice for Infection Prevention and Control.

Selecting the right glove

Disposable gloves are available in a range of materials and designed to offer varying levels of protection. It’s important to choose the most appropriate single-use glove for the task. In our OptiPro range we offer OptiPro Vinyl Examination Gloves and Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves.

Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves

  • Latex Free
  • Tight fitting, ideal for use during complex and precise applications.
  • Puncture resistant.

OptiPro Vinyl Examination Gloves

  • Latex Free.
  • Loose fitting and easy to apply.
  • Cost effective.

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Our OptiPro range also includes:

In addition to the Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves, we also have OptiPro Aprons, OptiPro Face Shields, OptiPro Surgical Masks, and OptiPro Vinyl Examination Gloves.

Ordering information

1224S3.2gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000
1225M3.2gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000
1226L3.2gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000
1227XL3.2gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000
1220S3.4gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000
1221M3.4gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000
1222L3.4gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000
1223XL3.4gmBlue100 ambidextrous glovesCase of 1000

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