Surge in FFP2 and FFP3 face mask enquiries

This week has seen the lifting of most restrictions across England. A day that many of us have been looking forward to since March 2020. A day that we felt was going to be full of joy, with hugs all around, but that isn’t the case for everyone.

Despite the decision to lift restrictions in England, the number of people testing positive for Covid19 continues to rise.

These high levels of infections are causing a lot of people to question how safe it is to be in a public place without the face coverings, social distancing and reduced capacity, that we have been relying on to keep us safe over the past few months.

Surge in FFP2 and FFP3 enquiries

We have seen a surge in enquiries and orders for our FFP2 and FFP3 face masks in the past two weeks, following the confirmation that restrictions would be lifting. These face masks offer the highest and second highest filtration protection against infected particles. When most people thought the demand for PPE would drop off, we can confirm, that just isn’t the case.

FFP3 face masks offer the highest level of protection

FFP3 face masks can offer up to 100% protection against Covid19, according to a recent study carried out by the Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The mask itself filters the air coming in, protecting the wearer from potentially harmful airborne particles.

We offer five variations of FFP3 face masks. Four with an exhalation valve and one without a valve. The valve allows the wearers breathe to escape the mask, reducing moisture and heat build-up, and making the mask more comfortable to wear for a longer period.

FFP3 face masks should be fit tested by a qualified fit tester, prior to being worn in the workplace. Fit testing uses specialist equipment to ensure the seal around the face mask isn’t allowing air in, along with potentially harmful substances.

FFP2 face masks offer the second highest level of protection

To be classified as an FFP2 face mask, the mask must offer a minimum of 94% of filtration protection, the second highest level.

Our OptiPro Particulate Respirator Half-Masks filter the air coming into the mask through the non-woven protective layer. A contoured face mask with a pliable nose-bridge, to help the mask remain tight around the nose and mouth.

Unlike an FFP3, the FFP2 does not form a tight seal around the nose and mouth but can offer a very high level of protection for the wearer.

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