Urine drainage bags – What’s the difference?

Urine drainage bags – What’s the difference?

If you’re new to wearing a catheter or sheath, or even if you’re not, finding the right leg bag to suit you and lifestyle can be tough. With so many options for capacity, tube length and tap openings it can be a lot of information to navigate, but in this article we’ll discover more about the different types of leg bags available on the market today and their uses.

When it comes to urine drainage bags (also referred too as catheter bags) there are two main types of bag available, which are usually known as ‘leg bags’ for daytime use and ‘night bags’ for night-time use.

Leg bags which are used in the daytime are usually attached to the leg or thigh using fixation devices, such as leg bag straps or a leg bag sleeve. Usually leg bags can be hidden under clothes but you should wear your bag where it feels more comfortable and secure for you.

Generally, leg bags come in three different capacities – 350ml, 500ml, or 750ml. Most catheter or sheath users will usually be given a 500ml bag to start out with before trying smaller or larger sizes. It’s always important to remember that everyone is different. Some people may be better suited to a larger capacity 750ml, meaning they can go longer without changing the bag, whereas other people may prefer a smaller 350ml which may be concealed under clothing more easily but will also require changing more frequently.

If you are caring for a child who requires leg bags, some manufacturers offer specific leg bags for children which have a smaller capacity.

Leg bags also come with three different tube lengths; short tube (approx. 5cm), long tube (approx. 25cm) and direct inlet, which has no tube and attaches directly to the end of the catheter or sheath. Which tube length you should use is dependant on your preference and where you feel most comfortable wearing the leg bag on your body. If you’re unhappy with your current leg bag or would like to try something new you should speak with your continence nurse to discuss the best bag for you and your lifestyle.

At night-time, you can use a night bag (or 2L Drainage Bag) either attached directly to the end of your catheter or fitted to the end of your daytime leg bag to increase the capacity. These larger 2 litre night bags mean you don’t need to wake in the night to empty your bag.

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