How to boost your immune system

In light of recent developments with regards to COVID-19, it’s not surprising that ‘How to boost immune system’ is frequently being searched for online. This is particularly important for healthcare professionals, as well as other individuals currently at work in customer-facing roles with a higher level of exposure to others who may be unwell.

Fortunately, if you’ve found yourself searching for ‘How to boost immune system’, you’ll be glad to know there are various things you can do to give your immune system a little bit of much-needed support.

Immune system boosting food

Colourful fruit and veg on market stallOne of the best ways of giving your immune system a boost is by eating a healthy diet. You may have heard the advice that you should try to eat as many colours of the rainbow. This is a great place to start! The different colours of fruit and vegetables indicate that they contain a variety of different nutrients. Not a Masterchef in the making? It doesn’t matter! There are plenty of very easy recipes online which incorporate healthy ingredients. BBC Good Food is a great place to start. Also, don’t forget about frozen fruit and vegetables. These can be just as healthy as fresh fruit and veg, they come pre-prepared to cut down on your kitchen prep and they’re much more economical.


It’s well-understood that regular physical exercise has a positive effect on the immune system. We should be aiming for 30 minutes of activity at least 3 days per week. Bear in mind any pre-existing injuries or illnesses which may impact this being achievable, and seek advice if needed prior to starting on a new fitness regimen. Not a gym-goer? No problem! There are so many other ways to get your exercise in. A long, brisk walk in the sunshine certainly counts! For some workouts, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Simply have a look on YouTube and pick from a whole host of workouts ideal to do inside the house.

Get plenty of sleep

The benefits of a good night’s sleep for your health, including your immune system, are immense. When anyone experiences a lack of sleep, our bodies are unable to create enough of a type of protein called cytokines. This protein helps to reduce infection and inflammation. When there’s a lack of it, an immune response can be triggered. To achieve a good night’s sleep, keep your bedroom cool, quiet and as dark as possible. Establish a bedtime routine so your body knows it’s time for rest. If you struggle drifting off, why not try the Calm app? It features various sleep stories which gradually get quieter over time, soothing you to sleep.