World Continence Week 2019

This week, we’re celebrating World Continence Week (WCW). World Continence Week is an annual celebration run by the World Federation of Incontinence Patients (WFIP) and the International Continence Society (ICS). Their aim is to help raise awareness and improve the quality of life to those affected by continence issues. We understand there is a stigma around talking about continence, and this week we’re encouraging people to discuss it more openly. There are 14 million people in the UK alone with urinary incontinence*, so let’s get talking. Let’s make it happen.


What World Continence Week is all about

The vision of WCW is to:

  • Raise continence awareness and facilitate the improvement of health, wellness and quality of life
  • Provide a reputable forum for those requiring therapies
  • Develop a worldwide network of events and organisations
  • Promote a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and to further establish continence awareness


Conversations About Continence

Last year, our campaign #CoversationsAboutContinence took a deeper look into the lives of people living with conditions which have had an impact on their continence. We spoke to four individuals who have been affected by a continence-related condition and are proud to share their stories. Paul, Evie, Stella and Keith all talk about their personal experiences and how they’ve overcome challenges.

Paul’s story:

It was a huge shock when Paul found out he had developed grade 3 cancer with extensive spread around his urological organs.

“One piece of advice I was given, which I’ve never forgotten, is to only focus on things you can change the outcome of.”


Evie’s story:

Evie was born with Spina Bifida. Despite having to use catheters for most of her life, this 16-year old para showjumper hasn’t let this hold her back and has made some amazing achievements.

“I’ve never let my condition or the management plans for it define me. It’s important to remember that a catheter can give you that life back.”


Stella and Keith’s story:

Keith developed sepsis after hip replacement surgery and this is when he first needed to start using a catheter. Despite being told he would never walk again, Stella and Keith devoted their time to Keith’s rehabilitation. He’s now able to walk with a frame and they’ve achieved their goal of going on a cruise together!

“I was horrified at the thought of having to deal with a catheter. However, it’s not half as bad as you would think.”

Listen to their stories here:



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Are you ready to have #ConversationsAboutContinence?

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For more information on World Continence week, visit the World Federation of Incontinence Patients.

*Yates A (2019) Understanding incontinence in the older person in community settings. British Journal of Community Nursing.24: (2): 72