FFP3 Face Masks

The NEW FFP3 face masks from Optimum Medical provide superior levels of comfortable protection for individuals in high-risk environments. 

Why choose FFP3 Face Masks?

  • Our disposable FFP3 face masks are compliant with European guidelines EN 149:2001 and A1:2009. 
  • Features an exhalation valve to reduce moisture and heat build-up.
  • Cushion-fit lining for added comfort.
  • Four-point headband attachment for extra security.

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FFP3 Face Masks

Ordering information

HY9632FFP3 Mask Type ABox of 10Case of 200
HY8632FFP3 Mask Type BBox of 5Case of 100
HY8932FFP3 Mask Type CBox of 10Case of 200
HY9332FFP3 Mask Type DBox of 10Case of 200
  • FFP3 Face Mask FAQ

    FFP3 face masks are more comfortable to wear over a longer period of time, thanks to the exhalation valve. This reduces heat and moisture build-up inside the mask and as a result, can make the user feel more comfortable.
    Our FFP3 face masks are fully compliant with European Guidelines 149:2001 and A1:2009. Optimum Medical is a trusted medical device manufacturer, creating high-quality products which are used by clinicians all over the world.
    Our FFP3 face masks feature a cushion-fit lining to help reduce the risk of pressure damage on the user's face. They also feature a four-point headband attachment to ensure they're securely held in place, reducing any worry about the mask slipping, or the need to re-adjust during wear.
    Our FFP3 masks are single-use only and should only be used according to manufacturer guidelines to ensure safety.
    Our FFP3 face masks should only be worn once then disposed of in order to reduce the risk of infection. Always use your FFP3 mask in accordance with manufacturer guidelines in order to achieve maximum levels of protection.

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